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Every year, homeowners spend several hundreds of pounds on energy bills. This is quite an important sum of money. When buying a house, investing in new windows can allow you to minimize your energy consumption and reduce your bills. In this blog, we will try to explain how you can do to reduce energy bills and how new energy-efficient windows can help achieve your goal.


One of the first things you need to deal with when moving to a new home is that you have to take out a new energy contract as they are specific to each home’s needs.

Taking out a new energy contract

Changing your energy contract is rather easy. Websites like Switch Plan facilitate the administrative procedures and help you take out a new contract. They also inform people about the different elements they should consider when choosing a contract. You can change energy contracts whenever you want, there is nothing biding in them.

The energy price cap

The energy price cap has a direct impact on your energy bills. It sets a maximal price for electricity and gas that suppliers cannot exceed. Some suppliers choose to offer contracts at the highest prices, while others choose to present the lowest prices. If you want to reduce your energy bills, compare contract prices in order to find the best one depending on your needs and criteria.


The insulation of your house plays an important role in your energy consumption. Depending on the insulation quality, you will consume more or less energy to heat your house during winter or to cool it down during summer. Double and triple glazed windows are a good way of improving your house insulation.

Windows are basically holes in walls. They are an easy way for the cold to enter your house. Double and triple glazed windows are made to improve your house insulation. They are made of several glasses spaced with gas, which allows them to be more soundproof but also to better insulate your house against high or low temperatures and prevent air flows. When buying a house, ask information about the windows, and make sure to invest in double or triple glazed ones if needed. You can find out more about double and triple-glazed windows and which ones are better for you by reading this article – Triple-glazed VS. Double-glazed windows.


Heating is the major part of your energy bills. When your house is poorly insulated, you need to heat it more, thus consuming more energy. Energy-efficient windows allow you to keep the warmth inside your house and to prevent the cold from entering. You will be able to lower your heating temperature and reduce your energy consumption.

Lowering the temperature by one degree would save up to 7% of energy. This is why good insulation will help you reduce your energy bills. Learn more about this here.

Good windows are expensive, but this investment will allow you to save money on your energy bills and make your investment profitable. Plus, it is good for the planet!

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