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Complains Procedure

1. Introduction

This document describes the Complaint Handling Policy of Ranebrook Windows, which has been implemented to ensure compliance with the laws and regulations relating to complaint handling.

2. Objectives

2.1 – Minimize damage to our reputation and reduce the risk of litigation by handling complaints from our customers.
2.2 – Provision of an effective means for customers to comment if they are in any way dissatisfied.
2.3 – All complaints will be dealt with in a timely, efficient and consistent manner.
2.4 – A clearly defined procedure to enable any customer to feel confident in making a complaint and the way that Ranebrook Windows will deal with it.

3. Who can complain

3.1 – Any customer or someone acting with their authority can use this complaints procedure.
3.2 – A member of the public who has been directly or indirectly affected by the actions or lack of action by a Ranebrook Windows Employee.

4. How to complain

4.1 – A customer or their representative (with their specific authority) wishing to make a complaint can do so in writing via e-mail or letter, by phone or face to face.

Ranebrook Windows
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Phone: 01322 332237

4.2 – A member of the public who wishes to make a complaint about any action or lack thereof by Ranebrook Windows, its employees or contractors should follow the same procedure 4.1.

5. How complaints are handled

5.1 – Complaints received by any of the methods will be acknowledged in writing within 7 days of receiving it, enclosing a copy of this Complaints Procedure Document. This acknowledgement will include information aswhich department or employee will be dealing with the complaint.
5.2 – Ranebrook Windows will then arrange a visit to your home or the premises where the installation was undertaken if different to your home – to discuss and hopefully resolve your complaint. We will do this within 14 days of sending you the acknowledgement letter. Records will be kept at all times during this stage on/in the customers unique customer records.
5.3 – Within 5 days of the visit we will write to you to confirm what took place and any solutions that were agreed with you.
5.4 – If you do not want this home visit, or it is not possible we will send you a detailed written reply to your complaint, including suggestions for resolving the matter, within 21 days of sending you the acknowledgement letter.
5.5 – A complaint will be considered “closed” if you write to accept the findings of our response or fail to respond within 6 weeks of receiving the communications, detailed in points 5.3 or 5.4 above.

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