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  • Traditional Appearance to suit modern building requirements
  • Wide choice of colour finish options
  • An optional choice of horn detail and Georgian bars available
  • Energy-efficient glazing
  • Choice of cill sizes and Trickle vents available
  • British standard approved
  • Fully Guaranteed

Spiral / Spring Balance Sash Windows

What Are Spiral Sash Windows?

Spiral Balance Sash windows are a modern version of the traditional weight and pulley range. The use of the traditional method of weights and pulleys has been reduced over the years and an updated method of using springs has started to replace it. This is known as the spiral balance method. A Sash balance (spring balance) is a spring-loaded device used to counter-balance a Sash in a box sash window. Sash balances eliminate the need for sash weights, sash cords and pulleys, so there is no need for a bulky box section frame to encase any weights. This results in a slimline design and consequently a larger glass area.

With many manufacturers designs, spiral balances can often be visible and look a bit unattractive. However, at Ranebrook Windows, we ensure the aesthetic look and feel of the window is matched to the fantastic functionality of the window. If you still do not like the standard design, there is a further option to manufacture these windows with the spiral balances covered, which results in a more elegant design.

Spring Balance Sash windows are often used in buildings where there is not enough space to fit large boxes that encase sash weights, but the result still needs to be historically accurate and pleasing to the eye.

We can offer you Spiral Balance Sash windows that meet the requirements of PAS24. Contact us for more information.

Why choose Timber Spiral Sash Windows?

Our spring balance sash windows have been carefully designed to ensure that frames and glazing bars reproduce the traditional form as closely as possible. You can get the look of an authentic timber box sash with all the modern benefits. Our timber-framed windows not only look beautiful, precision crafting and advanced technology mean that they’re highly energy-efficient, easy to operate, secure, rattle-free, and energy-efficient.









Sash Balance 50-45

Sash Balance Elegance

Sash Balance 58-86

Sash Balance 50-45

Sash Balance Elegance

Sash Balance 58-86


Sash Balance 50-45

Sash Balance Elegance 50-63

Sash Balance 58-86

Technical Drawings

Sash Balance 50-45

Sash Balance Elegance

Sash Balance 58-86

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