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  • Tilt mechanism enables easy and safe cleaning from the inside
  • Wide choice of colour finish options
  • Optional choice of horn detail and Georgian bars available
  • Energy efficient glazing
  • Selection of cill sizes and Trickle vents available
  • British standard approved
  • Fully Guaranteed

'Tilt & Slide' Spiral Sash Windows

What Are ‘Tilt & Slide’ Spring Balance Sash Windows?

For difficult-to-access positions, such as very high windows, it is sometimes useful to have a window that can be cleaned from inside. The ‘Tilt & Slide’ Sash window offers this possibility. The beautifully designed of these sash windows operate in the same fashion as traditional sliding sash windows. However, they have a hidden advantage. In normal operation, sash windows slide up and down as usual. But in these windows the top of each sash can be tilted into the room to an angle of about 50-degrees, allowing safe and easy access to the outer panes for cleaning.


Another practical benefit of this window type is where the window opening presents the widest/tallest area through which to install large items such as furniture. By tilting both sashes inwards and pushing them both to the top of the frame, a large, unobstructed opening is created.

This product is most commonly requested for projects where there is a requirement for windows to be cleaned from the inside. They are ideal when the windows are hard to reach from the building exterior, such as upstairs windows in built-up areas.

Why choose Timber Sash Windows?

Our Timber sash windows have been carefully designed to ensure that frames and glazing bars reproduce the traditional form as closely as possible. You can get the look of an authentic timber sash window with all the modern benefits. As with all our products, the high-quality paint system gives excellent protection against the elements. The flexible water-based micro-porous paint won’t flake or crack as it ages, keeping the timber beneath it protected for years. Our timber framed windows not only look beautiful, precision crafting and advanced technology mean that they’re highly energy efficient, easy to operate, secure, rattle-free, and energy efficient.









Sash Tilt Balance 50-63

Sash Tilt Balance 58-63

Sash Tilt Balance 50-63

Sash Tilt Balance 58-63


Sash Tilt Balance 50-63

Sash Tilt Balance 58-63

Technical Drawings

Sash Tilt Balance 50-63

Sash Tilt Balance 58-63

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