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As you browse through interior decorating catalogues and magazines, you’ll notice that black windows are a trend designers are embracing. However, the black window aesthetic is certainly not new; it pays homage to the historic windows found in centuries-old factory buildings and its wrought-iron feel is rooted in history. Although they’ve been around for a while, there are no signs of dark windows going away anytime soon. This trend may be at the height of its popularity now, but this is most likely due to its classic roots. Black windows work impeccably well with many home designs — from cottage to modern and many styles in between. Not only are they an exciting change from a traditional white window frame, but they also dress your home up inside and out.

Decorating magazines and websites are full of examples of the black window style. In new builds and renovations, this look can add a dose of “wow,” but will they be appropriate in your own home? White windows tend to blend in more to the overall look of your home, while black windows create an eye-catching contrast. Choosing between the two can be a matter of deciding whether you want to make a statement or achieve a subtler appearance.


Black windows are a beautiful choice for modern and industrial designs for both the interior and exterior of your home. If you’re interested in the black windows trend and want to incorporate them into your home design, let’s look at some other benefits of selecting black windows:

  • Bold contrast creation: Almost like an optical illusion, black’s negative properties make the interior sash and grid disappear so that your eye is drawn to the outside view. Just as adding a simple black frame to a painting directs your gaze to the art itself, black windows do the same for your view
  • No need for window treatments: These windows are designed to be seen and make an impressive statement. There’s no need to cover them with heavy window treatments or blinds. It’s better to invest in attractive bathrobes if privacy is an issue or choose windows with a white interior finish. No matter what colour sashes you choose for the inside, be sure that the exterior colour is consistent throughout
  • Pretty at night: On the outside, these windows reflect sunlight and clouds and showcase fabulous sunsets at dusk. Then, when the lights come on inside, they make a warm and inviting statement
  • Plays well with white: The modern farmhouse is a knockout with double-hung, black frame windows, especially since they usually have white- or light-coloured exteriors. Inside, white walls create a chic, modern look when paired with dark sashes


If you’re designing an open-space room where white is the prominent colour, a black window frame might look out of place, white is your best option. Here are some other drawbacks to using black frame windows:

  • Heat absorption: If you’re living in a warmer climate, remember that black window frames absorb more heat which means a heat transfer into your home
  • If you require privacy: Although it seems a shame to cover these gorgeous windows with window treatments, privacy and light control can be a necessity. If that’s the case, take a look at window coverings that can be fully drawn away during the day
  • Daytime disappearing act: These windows tend to disappear from sight during daylight hours, especially when they are shaded. This can result in a smooth, flat appearance and an uninterrupted façade, that creates a sort of “black hole” effect, reducing the overall impact you’re looking for. Be aware of how sunlight plays against your home’s façade throughout the day before making a decision
  • Lack of cohesion: When selecting black windows, you’ll want to consider how they’ll look from the outside as well as the interior and if there’s a lack of cohesion between interior and exterior designs, select another option or choose a different colour from inside and outside – dual colour. Another option would be adding some white trim around them, once again adding definition and allowing things to stand out.

Whatever you choose do not forget that your home is far more than a dwelling. It’s a design statement that speaks volumes about you. Ranebrook Windows have perfected the art of creating products that are aesthetically ideal, no matter what your style. Our windows and doors work in harmony, not only with each other but also with your home’s architecture. The result is an enduring investment – timeless beauty and lasting quality at an exceptional value. Contact us on 01322 332237 today to get a free no-obligation quote and arrange a site survey.

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