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The exterior of your house is like the wrapping paper of a present — the good stuff impresses, right? Most prospective purchasers make their mind up about a property within the first minute of encountering it, this means that the true value of your home comes from its exterior presence. Adding character to your home exterior is something many homeowners want to do to give the house more style and curb appeal.

If chosen well, windows won’t only be an excellent first impression of your home exterior, but they will play a huge role in adding character and security, which in turn adds value. Understated yet stylish windows can elevate your home’s overall looks, allowing you to love what you see both inside and outside of the house.

Replacing the windows in your home is a big project so you must have a wide range to choose from. From timber flush casement windows to timber sash windows, we have a fantastic selection of window styles, designs and accessories. These are a few things you could consider doing to add character to your home through your windows:


Traditionally, Georgian windows were painted burgundy and sage greens and Edwardian windows were painted to match any exterior woodwork. However, many homeowners choose to keep it simple yet elegant by coating them in cream or white. White windows are still the most popular, but if you want your home to really pop and have some extra colour, you might want to contrast the colours instead, which will give the home some added character. Black is a really trendy window colour right now so if you have a light-coloured home, that could work for you. Black window frames are able to add a sense of drama whilst offering a sleek and delicate appearance. Although they’re often considered a modern choice, they can look fantastic on heritage properties and cottages. Otherwise, dark browns, greys, and other neutral tones in a darker colour can contrast home colours as well. Whether you’re into what’s trending or you want something totally unique to your style, selecting a custom window frame colour is an excellent way to give your home some character!


By choosing windows in keeping with the style and age of your building, you’ll create an authentic look. It’s worth taking advice or researching styles to ensure you make a choice based on the heritage of a building rather than your aesthetic choices. However, rather than creating an imitation of the original building, when adding new windows into extensions, for example, creating a contrast between old and modern can be very effective.


Don’t automatically plump for plain white frames. Wooden windows and doors add warmth, style and character to any room with the feel and authenticity that these windows offer for both traditional and contemporary homes. A huge array of stains are available, which are factory-applied and covered by manufacturer’s warranty of five years (so you won’t have to think about maintenance for a good few years).


Most windows are rectangular in shape, though some are also squares. If you want to add some extra character to your house, you might add a few windows in different shapes. You could put a circle above a door, a triangle in the hallway, and an octagon in the bathroom. Those shapes show from outside as well as inside and add character to both sides of the house.


If you want to go all out with shapes, consider adding a bay or bow window to one room of the house. These windows actually extend out of the house, giving you more space while they add architectural interest both inside and out. You can put one of these windows in the breakfast nook in the kitchen, in the dining room for extended table space, or in the living room for a reading area. Anywhere you place it, it will add more character to the house as a whole.


For a touch of sophistication and uniqueness, consider bespoke timber windows with arched tops. This design choice adds a charming and distinctive element to your home’s exterior. Not only are these windows stylish, but they’re also timeless in their designs. Arched window styles have been around for centuries, and they offer a classic look that can never really go out of style.


These are “surface mounted” and provide an authentic look. Some homeowners like their windows to be free of glazing bars so they can show more of their view. But some houses look more charming with glazing bars to show some extra style and character. You could put the glazing bars on the windows in the front while leaving the side and back windows free. Period-style windows with horizontal bars can look less fussy than Georgian ones, but more interesting than totally plain glass panes.


Ideal for homes with traditional features, lead bars adds a strong pattern to your windows, classic charm to your home and preserves the authentic look of period properties.


Balancing practicality and style, obscure glass is a popular choice for rooms that need more privacy. There are different levels of obscurity in glass. From mildly distorted panels to opaque glass, you can find a level of obscurity to match your needs. For example, frosted glass allows natural light to filter in during the day, and gives a very clean and modern look and feel to the bathrooms.


If you’d like to make a statement, opt for a more decorative handle, such as a monkey-tail. Polished/satin chrome and brass handles add a modern, sleek and minimal update to your windows, while rustic, ornate designs provide a luxurious touch.


Window cills are used at the bottom of windows and not only add curb appeal but also help prevent water damage by drawing water away from the structure. Improperly made and installed window cills can draw water in towards the structure of the home and compromise the wood frame. Window cills are manufactured with the same, time-tested manufacturing process as all Ranebrook Windows products, so they meet all exterior building standards for quality and durability.


Adding trim around your window is the perfect way to finish off the look you want. It draws attention to your home, giving it a unique style that stands out from your neighbours. Trim perfectly surround windows with character unique to your home.

Finally, there is a surprising amount of science behind the design of windows. Windows are intended to add character and charm to your home. They make or break your project, so getting them right is absolutely key. We hope this has given you some ideas and if you have any questions, we’d love to hear from you.

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